The medical industry is currently developing a toy for children which will teach them the importance of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. This medical advancement will have technology built in where children will be able to access a library full of information in regards to diabetic health, nutritional health and exercise health. The toy is currently being developed by a medical group located in Oregon and has been funded over two million dollars in order to speed up the production of the health toy for children. Many medical watches have been developed in recent years which will measure the speed of a person while running, the amount of calories the person is burning each minute and the speed of a persons heart Jason Hope a Philanthropist and entrepreneur thinks this could be a stepping stone in the medical industry. .

The medical watches are designed to let the person know when he or she is moving to fast or when they are moving to slow in order to reach the correct heart rate for their specific weight and height. These health watches can be found online and also some medical professionals will distribute health watches directly from their office. A medical band is currently in the first phase of testing which sends an electric shock to your wrist each time you begin a negative habit toward your health. This medical technology band is meant to keep people from their bad habits such as smoking which may cause long term damage to a persons health. Another medical application which is available for down on the apple iPhone will count the number of steps a person walks in any given day and than suggests whether or not the person needs more steps throughout the day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The medical application is being created in Ireland and has recently been sent to the united states to be readily available for download on certain technical devices such as a smartphone, computer and hand held tablet. If you have problems with your knees, than a new medical application has been released to give you the instructions to perform tests on your knees in order to gauge the level of seriousness of the knee injury. This medical device is using technology in order to determine the bone density of a persons knee as well as the amount of cartilage inside of the persons knee.